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It’s a monthly thing! Every woman is familiar with the sinking feeling Mother Nature bestows on us every month, especially when we’re taken by surprise! To remedy this, Pink Parcel has launched an innovative postage subscription service to take the hassle out of periods and make them, dare we say it, an occasion to look forward to!

Each month, Pink Parcel delivers a luxurious box full of all the essential feminine hygiene products you might need to get you through your period.  Arriving in a discreet box that glides straight through your letter box, Pink Parcel makes those late night supermarket runs and bottom-of-the-handbag scrabbles a thing of the past. 

To help make that time of the month a little bit lovelier, each parcel also contains some surprise treats making monthly cycles feel less like a nuisance, and more like an excuse to be pampered. Treats vary every month but will include tea, chocolates, lifestyle and beauty products from a range of premium brands.  It’s ok to await periods with a bit of excitement from now on!

The easy sign up process gives the option to input cycle dates, so Pink Parcel’s reliable, fuss-free delivery service will always ensure boxes are received 3-5 days before they are needed.  Tampons and towels will even arrive in two individual parcels inside your box – one marked ‘for now’ to pop in your handbag and another marked ‘for later’.  Pink Parcel has periods sorted!

How does Pink Parcel Work?

Step One: Visit and select ‘subscribe’ to get started

Step Two:Choose your favoured sanitary brand (Tampax, Lil-lets, U by Kotex or Always)

Step Three: Choose the level of absorbency required – Individual (Lite, Regular, Super or Super Plus) or Multi (a selection of different absorbencies)

Step Four:Choose your delivery dates based on your cycle

How much does Pink Parcel cost?

The subscription service is £9.95 including delivery and is debited from a nominated bank account monthly, with an introductory offer of £5.95 for the first month. You can cancel at any time.
What we think at Mummy Fever:

I have to say that the idea behind Pink Parcel is genius! So simple in reality but just the perfect combination of practical and pampering to see you through each month.

The price of £9.95 per month including delivery is very reasonable I think. If you think how much you can spend on tampons or sanitary towels alone – supplies of these along with all sorts of other really lovely treats for less than £10 seems pretty good value.

The way the boxes are presented means that a subscription to Pink Parcel would make a lovely gift for someone – so either pop this on your own list or sign up a friend or family member.

Here is an example of the sorts of treats you can expect to find inside! I was thrilled to find Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream which I have always thought was wonderful and fell in love with the gorgeous false lashes …. although I need some practice applying them! The Gluco Tabs are also a really good addition.

All in all this little box has the perfect combination of items to make you feel better several times over.

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