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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing: A guest post by Jade Langton Evans

Pregnancy is a beautiful  thing. A woman who glows with beauty and radiance with a new life growing inside her is a wonderful miracle.

It should be celebrated and captured. Your birth story is such an exciting time and part of your journey in your life experience. I love working with mummies to be and photographing you and your bump looking fabulous. I always involve the father to be and if you have children already this adds to the excitement of your story.

I work mainly on location outside and make use of some of the beautiful natural places around us, sometimes places that go unmissed make amazing backdrops for natural photographs. 

Natural  earthy type places are stunning for maternity sessions. A mother a part of nature, long grass, beachy type areas, drift wood and rusticness are always things I look for to make the perfect session. I can also photograph your story in the comfort of your own home if you prefer to. I am a big lover of using only the natural light that is available to me. It gives your images a beautiful and fresh feel to them.

I am very passionate about the images I create with you.  A session with me really just requires you to be yourself and not worry about anything else. I am there to photograph you as you are, nothing is more important to me than capturing the true story. I love being able to share these intimate moments with you on a session and love all the happy moments that happen, gorgeous little sweet moments such as holding hands, the children snuggling, pure excitement, sereneness,  little yawns from the baby, sibling kissing the new addition to the family. I will laugh at the funny moments with you and cry at the emotional parts.

What is different about me?
I specialise in maternity and baby, children and families. I dedicate my time to these subjects in order to give you the best images and use of my time. I understand how best to capture these precious times and capture your art and story. In fact, these are my most favourite subjects to photograph.

 I love it when I’ve been privileged to photograph from bump, baby, and the child growing up within family sessions. I really become part of your family for the day on each session and I feel so honoured to be a part of sharing your special times together.

There are different options for sessions, Maternity, new-born, and around  age 10 months. I love to photograph the bump a couple of months before you are due at best, new- born sessions are best within 7- 10 days of the baby being born to get the gorgeous curling up and into snug positions, and around 10 months is when the baby is sitting up and giggling more. 

These are just a guide and you can feel free to discuss with me your thoughts.
You can find me on facebook: you join the page you can keep in touch and see what’s happening and view pictures  from new sessions.

Here are some of my favourite images, hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear from you J x

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