Prepare your little ones for winter

If some of the weather forecasts are to be believed we are set to have a chilly end to December and a chilly, snowy start to 2015, with some forecasters predicting  “Arctic conditions”.Whilst the thought of really cold weather fills some people with dread, I have so say I love it! I love those cold frosty days and I love the snow. What I can’t cope with is cold, wet and windy weather.Whatever your view of the predicted cold snap it pays to be prepared as far as the little ones go. Children and especially babies struggle to regulate their body temperatures in the same was as adults and they can get very cold (and very hot) very quickly.Having spent quite a lot of time in the mountains over the years with little ones I am used to wrapping them up but always find that the best approach is to have lots of layers. That way you can take them off and add them as you come inside or go back out and keep their body temperature more consistent. Wearing normal clothing plus one massive thick coat for example tends not to work very well.Not everyone has full thermals and ski gear at their disposal but that doesn’t matter because you can still keep little ones cosy without having to spend a fortune.You could start by checking out the range of winter clothing for little ones at your local Sainsbury’s.

Starting off with a long-sleeved vest is always a good bet in winter. Following this up with an outfit like dungarees can be a good idea because there are less gaps for drafts etc to get in.We like this Christmas set for £10. The best thing about this set is the soft jersey fabric. Try to steer away from denim as that tends not to be as warm and cosy.

For an extra layer you could add a jumper , thin fleece or even something more quilted like this.

An all in one oversuit is always a really good idea for little ones as it keeps them dry and the drafts out. We love this one and it is a bargain at £14. The gloves and feet are detachable meaning that it works well both for a child when they are walking or in a pushchair or carrier. The hood is really cosy and big enough to have a hat on underneath.

Keeping a warm hat on a little person’s head can be a challenge.My 18-month old does not ‘do’ hats at the moment, constantly pulling it off.

However, for younger babies you shouldn’t have a problem, my youngest gets cross when his goes over his eyes but a[art from that will wear anything. Older children can have mixed views about hats but if you try and keep in line with their interests or style then that is a good start. So for example my 6-year old has a spiderman hat which he loves. My daughter is a bit of a fashionista and she knows what looks good and what doesn’t…it has to look good for her to want to wear it, she loves the fury hats with long tassels and pompoms at the moment. For the boys though I love this hat and this one with skiers  as well.These make great stocking fillers!

Whatever you choose remember layering is the key and soft fabrics are best.

Enjoy the winter!

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