Preventing nappy rash

Nappy rash can be miserable for babies and parents.

Due to developments in the quality of both disposable and reusable nappies I think we probably all get off a bit more easily than years ago.

I wouldn’t say that any of my children have suffered badly with nappy rash but that is largely because I have tried to adopt a preventative approach to dealing with this.

That isn’t to say that we have escaped unscathed though and when one of them has had a bout of this it has been very distressing. Normally this has coincided with a new tooth or a change in diet.

Our preventative approach has included:

  • Nappy free time
  • Thorough washing and drying
  • Changing nappies frequently
  • Application of a barrier cream – we like the Calendula cream as it is perfect for everyday use, keeps the skin very soft and supple and smells lovely
  • Avoidance of citrus fruits until at least the age of one

Calendula Nappy Change Cream - 30YRS

What are your tips for preventing nappy rash?

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