Quick solutions for annoying colds and sore throats

When you are a busy parent you can’t afford to let a cold, sore throat or blocked nose slow you down. You need something that is fast acting and non drowsy.

Previously I’ve used a saline nasal spray with some success, and this is always good during hay fever season, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it.


Unisoothe throat lozenges contain natural mint flavour and menthol outer shell and a soft chocolatey centre. This powerful combination of tastes and flavours delivers a dual impact sensation that helps to calm and soothe throats.

The cost per pack is £3.49 for a pack of 15 lozenges. Currently available at Lloyds Pharmacy and Independent Pharmacies.

Unisoothe joins the family of a new realm of cough product. Alongside Unisoothe is an exciting new, clinically proven cocoa formulation cough medicine – the first new cough medicine licensed in 30 years – Unicough!

These lozenges are super effective at clearing blocked noses and sinuses. They come in a handy box perfect for a handbag, change bag, car or desk top or draw to ensure you are always at peak performance.


  1. Never seen these … coughs and colds are rife in this house all year round …we have tried everything xxx will give these a go xx

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