Reading to children at bedtime

Reading to children at bedtime is such a special part of the day. We have four bookcases at home (one for each of the children) with the books they love, handmade by their grandfather, each one unique, just like the children.

The children love to select the stories they want to read together. Some weeks we will read the same story every night and then other weeks they choose something different every night. It really varies.

We were asked by Warren Evans to write our own Christmas story and to get the children to illustrate it. We’ve had lots of fun writing “Santa’s Little Helpers”. You can read the full story in the Inspire Me Magazine but here are some examples of the gorgeous illustrations the children have worked so hard on.


A bedtime story is an important part of bedtime for our children and I feel it sets the right atmosphere to fall asleep. After we have read a story they will often listen to a story CD in bed which they also really love.


Do you have a favourite Christmas story? We always read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve but this year The Stick Man is set to be the top Christmas read.


How do you approach bedtime stories with your children?

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