Reasons why you should clear out the living room and start again

When you have a busy family life, your poor home can become tired and tatty looking very quickly. Pets, children, and the odd guest can wreak havoc on your home, and how many of us have the time to deep clean and tidy every single day? The trouble with rooms like the living room is that it is ‘lived in’. You can’t control it, and you can’t always prevent every spill, scratch and dent that happens.

If your home is really starting to get you down, then it could be time for a complete change. Stripping it bare and starting again can be good for the soul. You can feel in control and again, and you get to put your stamp on the room you work so hard to look good. So do it. Grab up your overalls, and don your paintbrushes (or something like that), and get going!

Pick a colour you haven’t tried before. This is going to be a complete overhaul, and you want it different this time. Cherry reds and rich blues are looking very good this season. It’s important to stay up to date, especially if you are thinking of selling soon. Pick a wall to become your feature wall and paint it over. The rest of the walls may be a more neutral shade that complements your feature colour.

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Next, pick out a new floor covering. Maybe you would like a hardwood floor this time? After all, it’s quicker and easier to clean than carpet when the dog coughs up, or a child! Pick out your rugs, cushions and curtains in the same colour as your feature wall. This will help tie everything in and look very stylish indeed. Once these are in you’re ready for the fun part.

A shopping expedition for furniture is one of the best versions of retail therapy you can find! You can check online at Multiyork Sofas & Interiors for their very latest styles to inspire your hunt for furniture. Why not choose something completely different? Or perhaps you can plan the room out another way to last time? Measure everything up to be certain it will all fit.

As well as sofas, you may need a new TV cabinet. If you have a very large TV screen, you may need a bigger sized cabinet. You also need to consider where the aerial socket in the wall is. This small detail can often dictate where the rest of your furniture will need to be placed. A sideboard is a great addition to a larger sized living room as it provides so much useful storage.

A coffee table is very handy if you have guests around a lot. You’ll need to decide on the shape and style of this as it will be quite prominent in the middle of the room. It might be part of a matching set to go with the TV cabinet or the sideboard. Or it might be a unique focus piece that will give vibrancy and style to your room.

Once your furniture is delivered, you can finally sit back and enjoy your brand new room. Of course, nothing stays immaculate forever, especially with a family! Enjoy it while you can.


  1. This is exactly the point I have got too and am in the process of doing it now it’s actually therapeutic too lol 🙂

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