Relaxation comes in different forms

What does relaxation mean to you? How do you choose to relax?

Everyone has their own idea about what relaxing is and those ideas aren’t always compatible. What is relaxing for one person, might be stressful or difficult for someone else. It’s personal choice.


For some people this might be catching up on their favourite television programmes for others it might be sat with their feet up reading a book. Some people might prefer the good old British cup of tea and a sit down and others might favour a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine on the side.

Relaxation doesn’t always have to be a sedentary thing. Many people find exercise relaxing because it is either something different from what else they’ve been doing that day or because actually exercising relaxes tight muscles caused by sitting in the car or at a desk. I certainly find any form of exercise relaxing.  Even running a marathon is relaxing for me because it is a total break from the norm.


Some people find challenging their thinking relaxing. Online games, bingo, jigsaws or any number of board games can be relaxing for some people as well.

Just like anything, what we find relaxing will be unique to us and we should therefore do what works for us, not what works for others.

For me it’s a combination of exercise, massage and a hot bubble bath of course with that compulsory glass of wine on the side, but if tea, jigsaws and online bingo from harrysbingo work for you then you should go for it .

How do you relax?


  1. Relaxation lol … whats that then ? no seriously I tend to try and unwind and relax at the end of the day by putting on my headphones for half an hour and either using my relax hypnotherapy Mp3 or chilled tunes !!

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