Relaxation tips for busy mums

As busy parents, it’s hard to find time in the day to relax. It’s the age old problem of having too much to do and having too little time to achieve it. Yes, we’d love a spa day or a golf day, but the next free day in the planner is in three month’s time. What can we do now to unwind and relax?

Learn a Relaxation Technique

This could be as simple as deep breathing, or you could learn a meditation technique like Mindfulness. Taking just ten minutes a day to meditate and be mindful can have countless positive effects on your health and wellbeing. If you think you don’t have ten minutes, then read this article.

The benefits of meditation include a reduction in stress and better sleep. It has also been linked to greater levels of creativity and better focus.

Go for a Ten Minute Walk

If you don’t have time to take a couple of hours for yourself, and you can only manage ten minutes, then go for a walk. As well as having physical benefits, walking can help clear your mind. Just ten minutes in the fresh air can leave you feeling refreshed. Take your headphones and listen to some music or just enjoy your surroundings, you might be able to make time for this during the working day too.

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Allocate Some Time

This is easier said than done. Try and allocate a little time for yourself each day. Most parents fit this in when their children have gone to bed. Even if it’s just half an hour, it will be beneficial. Try and keep the time consistent so that you can look forward to it.

This is your time, and you can spend it in any way you wish. You could take a bubble bath, read a magazine, or catch up on some TV. Services such as Sky are useful as they allow you to record the whole series of programmes you like and catch up when you can. Read this article if you’re wondering, how do I sign up for Sky? 

Pamper Yourself

You may not have time for a pamper day at the local spa, but there are simple things you can do to take care of yourself. Buy yourself some good beauty products. They needn’t be expensive. Find a few items that feel special. Look for sumptuous body butter or foaming shower oils. Whatever you like, buy some and keep it just for yourself.


The next time you take a bubble bath, light a few candles. You may only have fifteen minutes, but it will be fifteen minutes of relaxation and calm. Read our article on turning your bathroom into a spa.

Give yourself a mani-pedi. Start with cleansing your hands and feet. Exfoliate and buff your heels and any rough areas. Apply a good moisturiser and work on your cuticles. Then apply a couple of coats of your favourite nail polish. Looking good on the outside will help you feel good on the inside.


Getting lost in a good book can help you take your mind off the stresses and strains of the day. It is particularly beneficial to read at night before falling asleep. This process can help you clear your mind. If novels aren’t your thing, then look for non-fiction or short stories. Reading for pleasure is not something I do anymore really as I have always had to read so much for work. However, I know lots of people who do this, my best friend included – she reads the books and tells me what happens!

Quite often, it’s not about what you do to relax. The benefit can be found in setting the time aside. The simple act of taking care of yourself yields numerous benefits, and you don’t need a full day or even half a day – just ten minutes here or there can be enough to relax and reboot.


  1. It is good when her husband helps a young mother to have a little rest. Taking care of yourself to take a hot bath in the evening or go to thisthis spa during the day will be a good gift for her.

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