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Rock some lovely nails with Rokit

If you love having your nails done but can’t justify the time or cost of this as a busy mum then drop some big hints about this little beauty of a gift idea and you can do your own at home at your leisure and when time permits!

The Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit includes everything you need for a complete salon quality manicure. In fact it includes everything for up to 10 complete salon quality manicures, all in the comfort of your own home.No primer, no base coat and no top coat required – simply polish and cure! Ready to Rok in minutes with up to 14 days wear of Rok hard nails.

We love this so much we are featuring it in our list of top gift ideas for ‘her’ this year. We love time-saving, money saving and long-lasting things at Mummy Fever so the fact that this lasts up yo 14 days is a huge advantage.

Having tried this out it actually lasted about 16 days before it needed attention, even expensive polish done at home struggles to last the day when you are busy with the children.

A MASSIVE thumbs up for this from us!

This does come with a high price tag (£99.99) BUT if you think about how much you could pay going to a salon then it will soon pay for itself, so…get someone else to buy it for you!

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