Safety first: part one

Welcome to the first in a series of articles on aspects of family safety. Over the coming weeks we will be looking at a range of safety issues families might face. Part one is focussed on how to check your car tyres for driving safely. I learnt to drive as soon as I turned 17. I was desperate to learn and fortunately passed my test first time. I admit to not really being interested in how cars worked, I just wanted to get from A to B (I can’t say much has changed there). However, as a 17 year old girl out on the roads with her friends, my dad insisted that there were some things I should know. His list of things included:

  • Checking my tyre pressure and knowing how and when to add air
  • Checking the wiper blades
  • Checking the washer fluid and knowing how to refill it
  • Checking the oil and knowing how to refill it
  • Checking the tread on the tyres and understanding what it meant to have a bald tyre

He did try to reach me how to change a tyre but we decided I’d be better off with an AA membership to take care of that! Keeping tyres in good condition and replacing them when you need to is critical for reducing accidents. A really good source of information about how to keep tyres safe is ‘tyresafe‘ – you can find out advice, hints and tips and all about the current safety campaigns there. You can also find answers to some frequently asked questions here as well.




Here are a few things to remember:

  • Tyres should be checked once a month and before any long journey
  • Check the pressure, tread and look out for any lumps or bumps
  • If your tyres do not comply with safety standards you could face 3 penalty points and a £2,500 fine for each illegal tyre – don’t get caught out
  • Tread is vital for gripping the roads, especially in bad weather
  • Properly inflated tyres mean less chance of a blow out, better running costs and longer tyre life
  • Try not to damage tyres by scuffing the curb, easily done on a busy school run!
  • When you go to buy new tyres, you don’t have to replace them all at once but try to at least replace them in pairs

I remember the first time I bought new tyres for my first car thinking ouch that hurt! It pays to shop around for the best deals. Some of the best deals can be found online these days with companies like Point S, where you can reserve them online but have them fitted locally.

Stay safe on the roads and check those tyres!

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  1. Good post, safety on the roads is SO important! I have a fear of getting a burst tyre (as I drive on the motorway everyday) so I’m constantly checking my tyres and tread but I also definitely need to learn how to change a tyre (though I’m with the AA too, lazy haha). #BrillBlogPosts

  2. It’s so easy to forget all these things you learn when you first start to drive. I’m so thankful I have run flats so if I get a flat tyre I can safely get somewhere to…phone the AA/RAC. I’ve had some pretty rubbish cars in the past though when checking the oil etc was a frequent occurrence. Thanks for the tips #brilliantblogposts

  3. Gosh, I know nothing about car things and really tyres are something everyone should know at least something about, right?! Thanks for the info 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    1. Yes I think so – It is so easy not to think about these things but then also so easy for something to go wrong . Better to be safe than sorry 🙂

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