Saving Money on Clothing in 2023

It’s fair to say than many families have struggled during 2022 with the rising cost of living, and 2023 doesn’t look like it will be much easier for lots of people. Clothing is of course only one area where families have to spend money, but any parent will tell you, this is huge.

Not only are there day-to-day clothes and footwear to purchase, but with school uniforms to buy, specialist equipment and clothing for various sporting activities to purchase and the fact that children are constantly growing so nothing lasts very long, many families will be feeling the pressure.

active children

Reuse and pass on

If you have more than one child you can easily save clothing and footwear that still has some life in it and reuse it for your other children. Quality items will pass on and on and on. If you only have one child, try to find someone else to pass on to. This could be a family member or a friend. Check first if they’d like them though, you want them to be useful for someone after all.

If you don’t know any younger children to pass clothes and shoes on to, you can take them to a clothes bank, your local Shelter or refuge or charity shop – please don’t throw good clothes away though when they could help someone else.

If you are lucky, you will be on the receiving end of items that you can use for your own children. Be sure to pass them on again when you have finished with them.


Use discount codes

I have a rule that before I purchase anything online I spend a few minutes looking for a discount code. The bigger the purchase the greater impact this has of course, but it’s always worth a quick search for a discount code.

One tip when you are searching is to be specific with your search, so for example type joe browns discount code if you know you want to purchase something from that store. You won’t always hit the jackpot with a good discount code, but it’s always worth a quick look as you can save significant amounts of money on your purchases, freeing up money to put towards other things.

When you find a good discount site like love discount vouchers, bookmark it straight away! These sites can save you a fortune on purchases across your favourite brands.

Use sites like Vinted and eBay

Sites like Vinted and eBay can be used in two ways when it comes to saving money on clothing in 2023 and beyond. Firstly, you can of course purchase items from these sites and save lots of money this way. Rather than looking through charity shops, Vinted and eBay allow you to search items from all over, meaning you aren’t limited to your local area.

You can of course also sell items on these sites yourself. Why not set aside some time in the new year to collect up any clothing, shoes or accessories that you no longer want and sell them on one of these sites? You can then use that money to purchase other things you need.

Explore the charity shops

Some people love charity shops and some people won’t go near them. There’s no doubt about it though, if you are looking to save money on your clothing spending in 2023, charity shop purchases could massively help. Many have unworn items with the labels still on and they sell them at a fraction of the cost of the high street shops. If you are into vintage clothing they can be a really good place to find things too.

If you are a charity shop regular, you will no doubt have your favourites. I remember as a child my grandmother and her sister loved charity shops, but they had their favourites! When they went away together, they would save a day to tour the charity shops and see who could find the best items. They made it into a fun challenge. I always remember them saying they loved the charity shops in York and Shrewsbury the most!

How do you save money on clothing? Do you have any top tips to share? Do include them in a comment below.


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