School holiday activities: part seven

Welcome to part seven of our school holiday activities series. What sorts of things have you been up to so far?
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Did you ever play with plasticine as a child?

I certainly did and loved the stuff. I used to create tea party goodies for all My Little Ponies and then all the teddies would join us and it would become a teddy bear picnic.

It seems that this wonderful creative stuff is having a revival in the form of #plasticinesofteez  – although I don’t think it ever really went away did it?

The children have enjoyed playing with this on some of the rainy days during the holidays and have created some brilliant things.

As a parent, my favourite thing about this has to be the fact that it doesn’t dry out. So the children have been able to leave their creations out and enjoy their efforts.


We also took part in the #PlasticineSofteez twitter party recently which was so much fun. We even made a plasticine-inspired cake for our party.

There was an underwater theme at the start of the party, so all the children began by making their best plasticine underwater sea creatures. This included this gorgeous seahorse….

IMG_20150730_005143_resizedAnd this lovely shell…


The children worked really hard in teams to create an underwater picture in plasticine like this one below…


They then had some time for some free play with the plasticine and started making a range of animals like these ones below…


Later on there was a challenge to design a cupcake and then create it out of plasticine. Here is a design in progress…


…and here is the finished result – stunning!


This is “The Love Cake”!

Suffice to say we love the new Plasticine Softeez and we have been playing with it every day since the party.

The cake didn’t last very long though!


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