Share the love this Christmas

I nipped to the shop this morning to stock up on wrapping paper and was overwhelmed by all the Christmas stuff. Christmas is certainly coming around fast. The children have begun their school play rehearsals and dates have been released for their shows.

Christmas isn’t a great time for everyone and there are always people that don’t have much or can’t buy a gift they would like to. I’m so excited to tell you that with the help of the wonderful Luxemme we are able to share a bit of Christmas love this year.


Our giveaway gives us the chance to offer all of you readers, subscribers and friends the opportunity to receive eight £15 gift vouchers each which you can give away as gifts to your loved ones this Christmas or spend for yourselves.

The vouchers can be customised with the receiver’s name, and can therefore make really lovely presents, stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts. More than anything else they could put a few extra smiles on a few extra faces this Christmas, and in helping us to share them you’d be spreading your own but of Christmas cheer.

Whilst you are here go and take a look at Luxemme’s lovely range of mini dresses. You’ll fall in love with a few, I promise! Their designs are really fun and girly but they always have a sophisticated edge, too. Their clothes just look really luxurious, and having shopped with them a few times I can say from experience the quality of the clothes is spot on too.

Now to spread the Christmas cheer…

Please follow Luxemme on Twitter, Instagram and like their Facebook page and then just go to this page to order your vouchers. We’d love it if you would like and re-tweet the below as well just to show you care!



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