Skin protection in the mountains

Just because you are off on holiday to somewhere other than a beach resort or just somewhere hot in general doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about protecting your skin and of course your children’s skin too.

I remember years ago on a lunch break jotting down a list for an impending skiing holiday and someone at work asking me why on earth I was packing sun cream. I think I gave quite a sarcastic response at the time as I was a little dumbfounded to be honest. UV rays can be just as damaging on the slopes as they can be on the beach. The rest of your body might be covered up but there will be parts of your face that aren’t.

As a family on a skiing holiday you need to ensure not just the grown ups but ALL the little people have sun cream on as well, even if they are only sledging and playing out in the snow.

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Snow and strong winds, as well as runny noses can wear sun cream away so make sure you apply liberally in the first place, including ears, noses and lips and then reapply every two hours. Cover heads with hats, ears with ear bands and faces with masks by all means BUT don’t forget to slap on the cream if you take them off. Don’t get caught out.

We are big fans of Childs Farm sun cream because it is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. It has an SPF of 50+ and is water resistant, so it keeps young and sensitive skin fully protected in the sunshine and snow — while also moisturising and hydrating. Suitable for babies and children from 6 months upwards.

This also reduces the chance of wind burn in little ones which can be quite painful for them. If skin does get sore Childs Farm also have an after sun cream you can apply which is very soothing and conditions the skin.


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