Sounds and sights of summer

What are the sights and sounds you associate with summer?

What are your favourite summer tunes? Do they change each year or do you have tunes you revert back to every year when the sun comes out?

Having just heard the weather forecast apparently it’s going to be a scorcher this week so expect to see lots of :

  • Patchy pink people
  • Convertibles with the roof down
  • People in less clothing than normal
  • BBQ smoke
  • Flip flops
  • Offers on paddling pools and super soakers
  • People suffering from hayfever

And expect to hear lots of:

  • Summer anthems on the radio
  • Shouting, screaming and laughter as families spend more time outside
  • Blaring tunes from neighbours gardens
  • Splashing in paddling pools, streams, lakes and the sea

There are particular songs that remind me of the summer but this year I love this tune…

and this one…

and this one…

We don’t all like the same tunes and if you aren’t up for sharing yours with the neighbours or perhaps you aren’t keen to share your tween or teenagers music, then a decent pair of wireless headphones might be what you need. The URBANITE XL WIRELESS headphones by Sennheiser are new over-ear headphones that deliver massive bass for a club sound wherever you go. Built to last in every sense, the URBANITE XL WIRELESS includes a state-of-the-art intuitive touch control panel on the headphone and guarantees complete wireless freedom, perfect for going about your day with tunes on the go!

A great gift idea for a music lover!

What will you be listening to this summer?

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