Spending: Calculate Your Habits

Have you ever taken a step back and looked at what you really spend money on?
Are you a Starbucks or Costa lover perhaps?

Do you smoke?

Do you like to go out for a drink?

Perhaps you spend money on tasty treats from M&S food?

Perhaps you have a premium TV package?

Or perhaps you take a taxi when you could have walked?

Whatever it is you spend those little bits of money here and there on, it all adds up and it can be really useful to see what you could by if you just cut those out.

Smoking is a really good example of this.I have never smoked myself and can stand the thought of it but lots of people do and with the price of cigarettes constantly increasing, just imagine what you could by if you cut that out for say 6 months!

To help you look at your spending habits Legal & General have developed a fun cost calculator to help you analyse your spending habits – why don’t you have a go, see if there are any surprises!

I tried this out myself…

I told the cost calculator that I spend £85 per month on a TV subscription and asked it to calculate that over a year to see what else that would buy…here are the results!

Give it a go yourself and let us know if you discover anything interesting!

Happy saving!

This would equal £ 1034.17 over a year or…
0.4CAR DEPOSITS(£2500)
2.1NEW LAPTOPS(£499)

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