Spring and summer trends for little people

Do you have a favourite brand of clothing for your children? I’m not really talking about the everyday stuff, but more your go-to label if you are looking for a few new things for ‘best’ or a ‘special occassion’?

Years ago, I fell in love with Petit Bateau. I think it was the comfy, soft fabric, combined with the nautical stripes and simple colours. I just love their stuff.


I think there is something really lovely about the French style, and their items manage to look great but be practical at the same time. There is nothing fussy about them, just crisp style.

I have recently come across a website called Melijoe who stock Petit Bateau clothing, as well as a huge range of other brands, such as Kenzo and Boss. Some of the Kenzo items for girls in particular are really lovely as well.


Melijoe occasionally offer free shipping on your order and they also have an online outlet store as well. If you are looking for something special, occasion wear, or just wanting to splash out on some nice stuff for the little people in your life, then they are well worth a look.

The website is really easy to navigate and very user-friendly from a smartphone.

These are a few of the things I have been looking at, all from the Petit Bateau collection. I love the little romper suits. These are so practical, I think one piece outfits with little ones are so much better, otherwise you pick them up and everything gets bunched up around their necks!

Screenshot_2015-04-23-00-35-51_resized  Screenshot_2015-04-23-00-36-36_resized

These vest tops are great – so practical for older boys and they come in a range of colours. I love this red though! The dress is simple but very cute and practical. The Petit Bateau clothes wash and wear so well – the other reason I am a fan!

Screenshot_2015-04-23-10-48-30_resized  Screenshot_2015-04-23-10-51-41_resized

You can see that ordering is super easy with Melijoe, even if you are placing your order in the middle of the night whilst breastfeeding (my normal shopping time)! It is a lovely site to browse around too as there are so many lovely items in stock.


Screenshot_2015-04-23-11-14-41_resized  Screenshot_2015-04-23-11-14-52_resized  Screenshot_2015-04-23-11-15-04_resized

What are your favourite brands or types of outfit for your little ones?

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  1. We’ve not had any Petit Bateau clothing but I do love a good navy stripe so it looks really appealing to me!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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