Stain removal: part two

Welcome to the second in our series of posts about stain removal. Before having children, things used to get stained ‘occasionally’, now, well lets say it’s a bit more frequent. It’s not deliberate on anyone’s part, more of an occupational hazard so to speak.

Parenting requires you to be an expert in so many areas: nurse; councilor; chef; teacher; dietitian; cleaner to name just a few. An expert in stain removal certainly comes as part of the role.

There are those moments, when you realise that no matter how hard you scrub that stain just isn’t coming out, but most of the time there is something you can do.

I had a mega stain situation just yesterday when one of the toddlers managed to flick spaghetti bolognese at the wall and hit a black and white canvas print of himself as a baby. I was speechless as it was one of those fluke shots but with a tiny bit of bleach and an old toothbrush I’ve fixed it.

Today I’ll be looking at how to remove some of the tricky and quite frankly yucky stains that can plague us as parents.


Take a deep breath, use a clothes peg on your nose if you need to and scrape off any excess sick using a plastic knife. You could use a hose in the garden but if you are happy to deal with the stain inside then simply soak it in cold water in detergent and then wash as normal. If the sick is a particular dark colour you may need to use a stain remover like Oxy Plus by Astonish during the soaking process.



Unfortunately, however careful we are accidents can happen so if you have a blood stain to remove, firstly wet the stain with cold water, massage in some Fairy liquid, rinse with cold water (not hot), work in some Oxy Plus by Astonish stain remover and then wash as normal.

Underarm yellowing

Normally found on work shirts and not very nice to look at – just use an old clean toothbrush and apply baking powder and a little warm water to the stain, repeat and then wash as normal, you should notice a big improvement.

What are your top stain removal tips for the nasty things? We would love to know!

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