Stokes Sauces: Quite simply scrumptious!

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Have you tried Stokes Sauces?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of these yet you really should give them a go – you won’t be disappointed.

What they say at Stokes Sauces

The Stokes Way  We use real food ingredients for real food flavour.  We make our sauces ourselves and won’t ask others to do it.  Our recipes are our own.  We only make sauces we would serve at our own table.  Our jars and bottles are fully reusable, not just recyclable
What we think at Mummy Fever:
These really are quality sauces and absolutely delicious to boot! The Tomato Ketchup is the best we have ever tasted, with a strong tomato flavour that almost makes it a relish but with the consistency of a sauce. The mayonnaise tastes like the best home-made mayo and the red onion marmalade is out of this world!
These products ooze quality and would make stunning Christmas gifts – I’m thinking about a selection of these products to use in a hamper as a gift for a relative this year – although if you don’t have time for that Stokes also do their own gift packages which you can find here.
You can purchase their products directly from the website.

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