Summer detox: skincare guide

This is a guest post by: Peter Minkoff who writes over at Voice Boks, The Voice of Parenthood

For us parents (or parents to be) it sometimes feels like the weight of the entire world has been placed on our shoulders, with no intention of ever letting us stand up straight again. So many commitments, so little sleep and even lesser time to do it all – keep the family happy and healthy, express all the love possible to your children, work, look after the home and still – find some time for yourself! Often at times it seems impossible but if you’ve got good people around you and if you really commit to making yourself happy, you’ll get there.


Just to throw it in there – I am not saying that my family and my child aren’t good enough reasons to make and keep me happy; I am simply advocating the love for self, that love that keeps everything else moving. Because, if you stop loving yourself, do you really have the capacity to love anyone else? Will your child be happy with an unhappy mother or father around? No, not really. For this reason in particular, we must find a way to balance it all out and find ways to help one another with little tricks and hacks that, sometimes, mean life!

One of the ways to help ourselves endure the crazy parenting journey is to find some time to nurture our face and body; the key aspect of a healthy body is proper nutrition, regular workout and skin care but we all know that, until our kid’s old enough to go to the kindergarten and we finally have more than half an hour for ourselves, it’s pretty impossible to achieve that holy trinity. However, getting the necessary detox that will leave your skin healthy and glowing, and that will definitely help with those dark circles under the eyes, is something you can do in the privacy of your own home when your baby is asleep.


Here are some great skincare detox ideas that will make all the difference!

External treatments

Exfoliate 2-3 times x week: Exfoliation is a rather easy yet an amazing way to prevent cellular build-up, get rid of surface debris, and keep the skin lubricious. You don’t need anything fancy for the exfoliating at home – simply use an old (but clean) toothbrush with a touch of PH neutral soap and you are done! Circular moves starting at your forehead, down to cheeks and chin are the best way to go about.

Tone after showering/bathing: Using a mildly acidic toner after you’ve taken a shower will restore the skin`s acid mantle and hydrate the skin.

Treat your skin to a facial smoothie: There’s nothing as beneficial for the skin as fresh antioxidant rich ingredients – they will ward off/repair UV-induced damage while at the same time keep your skin oxygenated. Using any seasonal fruit or veggie is acceptable, just browse the net the find the mask that fits your purpose best.

Keep your skin well moisturized: Summer, being super hot and heavy on the skin, calls for fast penetrating, non-comedogenic, antioxidant-rich moisturizers that prevent transepidermal water loss and lock in moisture.

Use high quality products: When you are choosing your products, don’t just randomly pick something at the store because the price fits your budget or a friend of a friend of a friend said they knew somebody who was extra satisfied with a certain crème. Look for certified products like Dermalogica skincare products as they are a guaranteed success! Personally, I am in love with Dermalogica, not just because it is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide (and I can say I too have it in my bathroom) but because I’ve been using it for years which is why my skin is as soft as my baby’s buttocks!

Internal treatments


Water is everything: No less than two liters per day. Water detoxifies skin, promotes bowl function and helps you lose weight by making you feel fuller. Carry a two-liter bottle around and take a sip now and then. Before you know it, water will become a habit and habits are, luckily, (well, luckily in this case) hard to break!

Avoid anything that comes in a wrapper: And by that – I mean candy bars, chips, prepared food, etc. Cut down on alcohol and caffeinated beverages, too. These are a safe road to Blemishvile.

EAT your water: Fresh fruits and vegetables are a rich source of nutrients which keep the skin supple.

Thanks for sharing your tips Peter!

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