Summer reading challenge

As the long summer holidays approach, what will your children be reading?

Last year I drew up a chart for the big kids – every time they read a book, we wrote it on the chart and they left a comment about what they thought and gave each book a star rating.

At the start of term in September they took the chart into school to show their teachers.

They both enjoy reading, but this brought a bit of extra focus and reminded them that reading is a skill they need to constantly develop.

They have lots of books at home they like to read but they are really keen to visit the library. They love the story of Matilda and the way she goes backwards and forwards to the library to read more and more books. We also have a book fair at school to look forward to and they always like to choose a new book each and one for their little brothers.

Our big girl loves the Dork Diaries books, the phenomenally popular series by Rachel Renee Russell, and is currently working her way through these. She is reading Drama Queen at the moment and is loving it. At almost nine, these books are a good level for her. She will sometimes ask about a word she isn’t sure about, but in the main she can read these books independently and she likes that – she updates me each morning on what has happened.

I was really interested to learn that the author’s own daughters assist her with both the writing and the illustration of the books, they are a real family affair it seems.

We are also working our way through the Harry Potter collection and our other big kid loves the Captain Underpants series.

What will your children be reading this summer?

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  1. I agree with Random Musings the chart sounds like a good idea. When I was younger I loved reading, but I feel I should read more to my children. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  2. Great idea – I currently use GoodReads for tracking books read. My sons are aclittle to young for the chart but defgo do when they are able to. My son’s lived books and going to the library to chose. #blinkylinky

  3. The chart is a good idea, I notice during the long school holidays that they don’t read as much so this gives them a good focus to read. My son loves his Harry Potter books and also Diary of a Wimpy kid. My younger twins love every book they pick up!

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