Summer style for mums

We had a couple of weeks of glorious weather recently which was very welcome indeed. We certainly made the most of it with various days out, as well as loads of time in the garden. There were even a few meals eaten outside which was a bonus.


This last few days however been pretty awful weather wise. A very different story. I’ve driven through the worse rain I’ve seen in years and been drenched just getting the children from the car to the house.

Still, I remain optimistic that we will have a decent summer and that I WILL require some summer things to wear.

I’m still not a mad fan of buying clothes if I’m brutally honest, and that is because I still don’t feel that I’m back to my ‘normal’ self after having the children. Of course, really, after 10 years of having babies and breastfeeding them my body is very different and I have no idea what my ‘normal’ is anyway. I guess it’s a work in progress. This does make it hard to be interested in clothing as I just never feel like me, or like anything really fits well or feels nice.

I do generally feel comfortable in a maxi dress during the summer, largely because they cover a lot. I have some nice ones from Superdry that I always go back to because I feel comfortable in them and they are strapless so they help to get rid of dodgy strap marks, like the awful ones I gained whilst running the Liverpool Marathon last month. One of those situations when I’d got sun cream everywhere but on my back! Not one of my finest moments – I can’t see the marks vanishing any time soon!

I recently ordered a maxi dress from JD Williams in indigo, although it also comes in a saffron colour which would look nice with a tan I am sure. It is described as a belted maxi dress, but there isn’t a belt so don’t be confused by that and it’s priced at £29.00.


I’d thought it would be great for the summer, assuming we have one, and got the indigo as that’s a safer colour to wear around the children, but when I tried it on it was totally see-through, meaning it’s much better as a beach cover up or for around the pool whilst on holiday. When I checked the reviews, only one of them mentions that an under slip would be a good idea, so I hope the other people spotted how much you can see before too many others did!


This maxi dress covers a lot and is practical, comfortable and cool for beach or pool holidays. It’s fairly simple so can be teamed with a range of things. I’m sure it would look great with an over sized beach bag and hat and it’s perfect to pop on over the top of a swimming costume or bikini.

Also nice for pottering around at home and in the back garden – just perhaps don’t answer the door wearing it!

I just wore it with my favourite jewellery  and some navy blue converse but it would be great with sandals or flip flops too.

What’s your go-to summer outfit?

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  1. Mines cotton summer dresses light and airy with sandles
    Find these so easy to wear

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