Tackling the winter sore throat

Sore throats can be a real pain during the winter months. As a child I was plagued by them and although rarely missed a day off school I would always have a sore throat when the holidays arrived!

Every winter, more than seven million Britons battle the dreaded sore throat alongside other symptoms caused by seasonal colds and flu.

Most sore throats are not serious and pass within three to seven days without the need for medical attention. However, there are an estimated 57 million GP consultations a year for minor ailments such as coughs, colds and sore throats. This takes up an hour a day on average for every GP and reportedly costs the NHS £2 billion annually.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that nine out of ten GPs believe that self care by patients has an important role to play in general practice.

Ultra Chloraseptic® Anaesthetic Throat Spray provides an ideal way to help ease the pain of a sore throat fast and help you make the most of your day. 

Ultra Chloraseptic

Ultra Fast. Ultra Targeted.

Unlike some anaesthetic lozenges, which can numb the whole mouth area, Ultra Chloraseptic’s gentle spray goes directly to the site of the pain for faster, more effective and targeted relief.

Just three sprays of Ultra Chloraseptic can numb the pain in seconds, compared to some lozenges, which can take minutes to dissolve properly and take full effect.

Dr Mike Smith, GP says: “Often sore throat remedies contain ingredients to dampen the inflammation , which in doing so are negatively interfering with your body’s own natural defences. Ideally, sufferers should go for something that relieves  the pain associated with the inflammation, like an anaesthetic throat spray, so it does not dampen your body’s reaction but eases the soreness of the  throat instead. However, if your sore throat persists, always consult your GP for further treatment.”
Ultra Chloraseptic® Anaesthetic Throat Sprays are available in three great tasting, sugar-free flavours – Blackcurrant, Cherry and Original Menthol. 

All are available in pocket-friendly capped bottles for ease of use ‘on the go’ bringing ultra-fast, ultra-effective relief for the pain and discomfort caused by sore throats.

The products contain the active ingredient benzocaine (a local anaesthetic to numb pain). The swivel head applicator delivers the spray straight to the throat, targeting the pain and working in seconds.

Ultra Chloraseptic® Anaesthetic Throat Sprays are available in most Boots, Superdrug, Grocery and leading pharmacies in the UK without prescription. Ultra Chloraseptic costs £5.75, with each bottle containingmore than 100 sprays (30 adult doses) and is suitable for children 6 and over at the lower dose of 1 spray. Contains Benzocaine. Always read the label and viist www.ultrachloraseptic.co.ukfor more information.

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