Bepanthen Bedtimes

happy baby

I’ve written quite a bit on the blog about sleep or lack of it as a parent. Don’t forget that sleep deprivation is of course a form of torture…I can totally understand why. The bulk of our friends seem to have these children, you know the ones that go to bed early, don’t wake up in […]

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tag blanket

Comforters are odd things really, in that sometimes they are the strangest items. Even if your child has gorgeous soft toys bought for them at birth, it won’t necessarily mean they attach to those things. Some children will have dummies, some will use their bottle as a comforter, some will breastfeed for comfort, some might […]

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Morning torture

lego builders

I’m being tortured. It’s been happening for about a year now. Every morning. The torture has got more hardcore as the months have passed. I’m being tortured by a toddler. This toddler. Looks innocent enough right? Most of the time he is, bar the normal toddler mischief and brother bashing. Between the hours of 5 […]

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Things you need as a new parent

new baby essentials

Becoming a parent is such an overwhelming experience. It is amazing and exhausting all at once. There is such an overwhelming amount of information out there when you are pregnant. It can be hard to know what is important and what isn’t necessary. Some things are not necessary, but other things certainly are.  Nappies, Nappies, […]

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