A tiny dose of love

tiny does of love

The more I hear about the difficulties some women have conceiving, the more I hear about problems in pregnancy and the more I hear about those births that tragically don’t result in a healthy baby and mother at the end, the more I think that to have a healthy baby, never mind four healthy babies […]

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A decade of motherhood


This summer will mark a whole decade since my daughter, my first baby, was born. A decade since I was given the mummy title. A decade since I first felt that overwhelming, heart-stopping, love and pride. A decade since I held my baby for the first time. Last weekend I took this photo of my […]

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From baby to toddler: how breastfeeding changes


After four babies, my breastfeeding journey ended rather abruptly following a bout of hand, foot and mouth. Across the four children I’ve roughly worked out that I have given around 10,000 breastfeeds over 10 years. Breastfeeding a baby is very different to breastfeeding a toddler though, so not all these breastfeeds followed the same pattern. Like […]

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