Useful travel gadgets

travel gadgets

When we travel with the children I am always on the lookout for useful things to make life easier and help us to have a home from home. If I can find things that serve multiple purposes then that really helps with the packing, like our recent ski trip to La Plagne with Crystal Ski. […]

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The last breastfeed

smash the cake

Remember, remember the 5th of  November 2015 – I will. I’m not sure if I ever gave much thought to the last breastfeed over nine years ago as I gave my first born her first feed. After all, that was only the start of the journey. I’ve spoken before about my views on breastfeeding and that […]

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Independent feeding

Regardless of your approach to feeding and weaning; standard, baby led, mixed or something else, all little ones like to use meal times to exercise their independence. Meal times are a great opportunity to work on developing the pincer grip, the grab, hand–to-eye coordination and hand-to-mouth coordination. I’ve always tried to get a balance with […]

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