Lighten the load

lighten the load

For busy families, the amount of washing that has to be done every week can be immense. For families like ours where everyone does lots of different activities and spends a lot of time outdoors this increases. As well as the normal day to day washing of clothes and weekly washing of towels and bedding, […]

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Outdoor toy of the year

outdoor toy of the year

Each year tons of toys are scrutinised and voted for, in order to receive the title of ‘Toy of the Year’. Recently, the Wicked Mega Bounce XL was crowned winner of the ‘2016 Outdoor Toy of the Year’ at the London Toy Fair 2016. This costs £20 from Wicked Mania. This ball is huge and as […]

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3 must-try activities in South Africa

family travel to South Africa

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that will wow your whole family, it’s hard to beat South Africa. With its spectacular scenery, abundance of wildlife and impressive variety of cultural attractions, it has plenty to keep adults and children entertained. To give you some ideas if you’re planning a family vacation to this sun-soaked […]

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A new concept in kids clubs

What is your view of kids clubs? Are they something that you look for when booking a holiday or something you avoid? I have to say that without counting ski school as a kids club, I’ve only used one once, when we visited Scotland last year. You can read about that here. They only went […]

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