Second skin technology

second skin technology

Do you need a second skin? Who doesn’t want flawless younger looking skin? We’d all love this right? It doesn’t always seem achievable though does it? Both women and men are looking for perfection in their appearance, meanwhile they are juggling work, a family, running a home trying to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle and […]

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Reverse hair washing

reverse hair washing

Reverse hair washing, have you heard of it? Have you tried it or do you do it all the time? I have to say I feel as I was a bit late to the party here, as I’m one of the people that only heard of this about a year ago. At the time I […]

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Hair removal challenges

hair removal

Hair removal sucks. When you have dark hair and features it sucks even more. Like millions of women I’ve tried all sorts of hair removal options over the years but come back to the good old razor over and over again, with some epilation in between. It’s quick and easy and cheap but sadly, for […]

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Winter skin and hair care

winter hair and skin

Since having children I’ve really noticed a change in my skin and hair during the winter. The moment the temperature drops and the heating comes on my skin gets dry and flaky and my hair seems dryer than normal. My hands and shins are always the worst affected parts but there is an all over […]

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Stress-related hair and beauty issues


Unfortunately, more and more people are suffering from severe stress in the UK. The strain of work and home life is overwhelming people, and if the stress doesn’t get dealt with, it can spiral out of control, leading to depression and anxiety disorders. As well as your health being affected, stress can also cause issues […]

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A decade of motherhood


This summer will mark a whole decade since my daughter, my first baby, was born. A decade since I was given the mummy title. A decade since I first felt that overwhelming, heart-stopping, love and pride. A decade since I held my baby for the first time. Last weekend I took this photo of my […]

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