Give Me Space

give me space

Are you pregnant? A parent? A grandparent? What is your experience of parking in car parks with children? Supermarkets? Leisure areas? Shopping complexes? Have you been forced to squash your bump to get in an out of the car in a tight space? Have you struggled to get your children out of the car, or […]

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GynaeCheck: Early detection saves lives

Smear tests are not something most people enjoy going for but they are so crucial to early detection of cancerous cells in the cervix. I remember going for my first smear test over 15 years ago now and I’ve gone religiously since. My best friend only went for her first one last year. It’s something […]

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Learn to swim

Learning to swim is a life skill as far as I am concerned. I’ve written before about the benefits of baby swimming classes and also about competitive swimming for older children – learning to swim and building water confidence are things that are so valuable to children. Swimming can be great fun, a super form of exercise […]

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