Your baby, your choice

keeping children healthy

The breast vs bottle debate is not something I openly get involved in normally, but there is so much in the press at the moment it is hard to ignore. There are some people who have the choice taken away from them, often for medical reasons and might for example be told they cannot breastfeed. This […]

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Choosing school uniform

With many parents having recently found out which school their little ones will be going to in September, you can’t help but think about what they will be wearing. School uniform can be a bit of a minefield and you can end up trying a few things before you get the things you feel are […]

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Growing up: part one

It can be hard ‘allowing’ children to grow up sometimes. Each time the children have a birthday I think “how did that happen?” . I look at them and they look taller, their understanding of life and all it encompasses increases and they question things more and more. Of course, each time they have a […]

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