British BBQ food

quinoa salad

The British weather is, as we know highly unpredictable. Last year we waited and waited for a summer that never came. Last year we lit our BBQ twice. Twice. That’s appalling. One of those BBQ’s was between rain showers too. Because of the unpredictable nature of the British weather, it pays to have meals that […]

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Making usual dates more unusual


The term ‘date night’ should never be synonymous with the term ‘boring takeaway for 2’. Spruce up your standard dates by making them that bit more unusual. Make a meal out hair-raising, make the cinema utterly luxurious, and create a picnic far more romantic than a couple of plastic cups and sausage rolls. Here are […]

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LEGO fans listen up


Are your children fans of LEGO? All my children gravitate towards the stuff but my eldest son who is seven absolutely loves everything LEGO related. He seemed to go almost overnight from needing help building everything to building a range of wonderful things out of LEGO with ease. I am always so impressed how easily […]

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