The dinosaurs have escaped…

dinosaur hunt

This morning we came down to some frightening news…the dinosaurs had all escaped from their box in the playroom and were loose in the garden. This required the attention of two budding dinosaur experts to track them down, identify them, and get them all back under control. It wasn’t an easy task…. There were all […]

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Indulging the Peppa Pig obsession

peppa pig toys

If you are a regular reader of the blog you might have read my parental petition to increase the length of the Peppa Pig episodes. Follow the link to sign up! Peppa, George, Dinosaur…are three popular words in our house. After reading ‘Peppa goes skiing‘ over and over again, prior to our ski trip in February […]

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Give the gift of grip

baby shoes

Little ones in slippy socks on hard floors at home often resemble Bambi on ice. Of course there is the option for bare feet, which we often go for, whip off the socks and avoid slips that way – but hard floors can be cold on little feet. Slipper socks are an option or just […]

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Extending the Disney magic

Are you a Disney fan? That might be a silly question as Disney touches so many people. The Christmas box office sensation is set to be The Good Dinosaur from Disney Pixar – The Good Dinosaur tells the story of a young dinosaur named Arlo as he embarks on an epic adventure with an unlikely human […]

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