Second skin technology

second skin technology

Do you need a second skin? Who doesn’t want flawless younger looking skin? We’d all love this right? It doesn’t always seem achievable though does it? Both women and men are looking for perfection in their appearance, meanwhile they are juggling work, a family, running a home trying to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle and […]

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Hair removal challenges

hair removal

Hair removal sucks. When you have dark hair and features it sucks even more. Like millions of women I’ve tried all sorts of hair removal options over the years but come back to the good old razor over and over again, with some epilation in between. It’s quick and easy and cheap but sadly, for […]

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Summer detox: skincare guide

detox your skin

This is a guest post by: Peter Minkoff who writes over at Voice Boks, The Voice of Parenthood For us parents (or parents to be) it sometimes feels like the weight of the entire world has been placed on our shoulders, with no intention of ever letting us stand up straight again. So many commitments, […]

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The benefits of body scrubbing

A good body scrub is something I love. Now of course in a perfect world you might be lying on a massage table somewhere tropical with a professional performing this for you – the reality might be a little different, but a good body scrub at home can still do wonders. Brightens up dull skin […]

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What’s in your makeup bag?

Do you have a favourite makeup brand or are you a what’s on offer sort of person? Perhaps you buy a brand that suits your skin type? Aside from the compulsory Bourjois black mascara, I have always been quite flexible when it comes to which make up brand I buy. That might have just changed… […]

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