Bringing characters to life

Lion guard

What are your children’s favourite shows on TV? Do they just enjoy watching the shows or do they recreate them when the show is over within their play? Our children love to do this and can frequently be found re-creating scenes from Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure, Dr Who, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and many more. One […]

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Little designers


Do you remember Spirograph? Did you ever have one as a child? I remember a friend buying me one for a birthday gift one year and I loved it. The good news is these kits are still around and they are better than ever. These are a classic way to create amazing designs BUT these […]

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Developing individual style

Are your daughters, or sons even, starting to become interested in style? Do they like to pick out what they wear? Do they have an opinion on what they think looks good and what doesn’t? Do they have a preference for certain colours or fabrics even? Do they prefer to wear their hair a certain […]

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