A different kind of pet

You might have read my article a while back on “Getting a pet for your child the how NOT to guide” – do your children have pets? Wild Pets have a range of toys available, which are very life-like yet clearly much lower maintenance than the real things. Take this guy below: Feels and moves […]

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Chocolate for champions

My dad has never been much of a chocolate eater but he does love a classic Terry’s Chocolate Orange or a piece of Toblerone. I think both are regarded as something a bit different and not your average chocolate bar. Both of these are chocolates I associate with my childhood, as I remember these were […]

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Father’s Day: gift ideas

As Father’s Day approaches, are you wondering what to get the Daddy’s in your life? Like any other gift buying time, you can go as over the top or as understated as you like. I tend to think that it is more about the sentiment behind what you have done as opposed to how much […]

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