Easy DIY hacks

My dad is a man who can. Growing up DYI things were never an issue, he just fixed them. He seemed to be able to fix anything and also make most things from scratch. He can transform a few planks of wood into beds, stunning bookcases, stairs or gorgeous wooden chests. I remember several dads […]

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Making an older home warmer and cosier

older home

Those that live in an older house can sometimes marvel at the warmth of modern houses. The double glazing and extra insulation they come with can certainly make a difference on a cold winter’s day. The standards for building houses have changed radically over the last two centuries. These days, energy efficiency is a top […]

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Making decluttering manageable


Decluttering is something I find incredibly therapeutic. I probably have about three sessions of this a year but there is certainly something about the spring that sparks this in a big way. I always manage to find things we can recycle, giveaway, sell and bin during each of these sessions and for a while at […]

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Disinfecting the natural way

Disinfecting like most parents, is something I do on a regular basis. As well as the normal keeping things clean type of disinfecting and wiping down toys etc that I do on a continuous basis;  if anyone is sick, I always feel as if I have to do a massive clean and I disinfect everything […]

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