Travel the world from your kitchen

travel the world from your kitchen

I love to travel and I love to cook. Sadly travelling is not something many of us can do all that often, but what if you could travel the world from your kitchen? What if you could experiment with a range of different flavours, textures, colours and cooking styles that represented different countries from your […]

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How to choose your next house

moving house

You’ll probably know if you are ready to move. You may have run out of space or perhaps it is simply time for a change. You may well have even been looking around for a while. There’s a lot to do and much to consider. One the biggest questions you will face will be what […]

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Ignite your tastebuds

prawn dishes

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, this year from 7th-13th February people will be celebrating. 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. In line with Chinese New Year, I’ve been trying out some Firecracker dishes with Tilda Firecracker Limited Edition Rice to ignite the tastebuds. Here is a really easy dish I have called “Firecracker Prawns”. […]

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Tasty treats

What does your family love as a treat? We are all big fans of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows here and I’m the ring leader. On a cold day there is nothing better…aside from a mulled wine perhaps! Marshmallows are very versatile treats, great toasted or just enjoyed on their own. We also chop […]

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