Getting messy

messy play

Messy play is always something I’ve done with the children. It might be water, sand, paint, mud, noodles, or just baking ingredients when they are cooking, but I’ve always made sure we’ve done activities like this. There are so many developmental benefits of messy play, but I also always see such sheer joy on their faces, […]

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Siblings as educators


Children start to learn even before birth. It would be wrong of us as parents to think that we are not the first educators of our children. You may well have even been thrust a leaflet since becoming a parent that tells you just that! Parents are the first educators of their children and our approach […]

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Superheros rule


There has been a superhero phase going on in our house for what seems like years now. It is years if I think about it. Our big boy went from all things Toy Story to all things superhero practically overnight and, not only is he still in that phase four years on, but now he’s […]

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Creating a force field


The love that siblings have for each other is incredibly powerful and so special to watch. They may argue over a toy or wrestle each other to the ground They may compete with each other or even compete for my attention They may be momentarily cross with each other or they may bicker for hours […]

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Winter family fun: part eight

Welcome to part eight in our series on Winter Family Fun. No winter is complete without a good panto is it? Watching a panto can be a lovely way to celebrate the festive season with family and friends and young, old or in-between it can be something that appeals to everyone. I always think the […]

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Winter family fun: part seven

Welcome to part seven of our series on ‘Winter Family Fun’. If you are in the North West you really should consider heading to Winter Wonderland at Event City in Manchester. Returning for its third consecutive year from Sat 12 December 2015 – Sun 3 January 2016, the event was recently voted Best Family Day […]

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Creating moments

Life is a series of moments. Some are bad, some sad, some funny, some good and some so amazing you struggle to put into words how they make you feel. Many moments we remember but some do fade. Even if we have photos of these moments, sometimes we forget how we felt or somehow the […]

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My advice to new parents

As a mum of four you might be thinking that this article is about me imparting my wisdom on you and giving parenting advice where it is neither wanted nor needed. Far from it. In my view parenting is a journey. There is no right or wrong way to do it just different approaches and […]

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