The potty training journey

pull ups

Potty training, much like parenting itself is a journey. A journey unique to every child. So far I’ve potty trained three children and still have one to go. Each child has been totally different, but the most important lesson I have learnt as a parent is not to rush them and to try to relax. […]

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Making an ocean collage


With the summer holidays just around the corner many of us are hoping for some sunshine. It seems to have been rather illusive this week though, and it was actually quite chilly here for a couple of days. It’s been a wet week for us but to brighten things up we thought we would make […]

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Healthcare for your family

Your family’s health is of top priority to you, and of course your own health is important too. Sometimes you might not be satisfied with the standards of health care your family is receiving, or you might be unsure that you’re doing everything you can to keep everyone healthy. Naturally, you want to ensure that […]

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