Out and about with Mamia

beach life

Having children can feel like a constant challenge, we try to cram in so much and tick so many boxes that sometimes time simple runs away with us. Childhood itself is filled with so many magical moments, especially when your children become increasingly physically active and start to enjoy the great outdoors, becoming aware of […]

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Bepanthen Bedtimes

happy baby

I’ve written quite a bit on the blog about sleep or lack of it as a parent. Don’t forget that sleep deprivation is of course a form of torture…I can totally understand why. The bulk of our friends seem to have these children, you know the ones that go to bed early, don’t wake up in […]

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The seven stages of nappy changing

So you have your baby, you’ve bought the nappies and wipes. Now what? Nappy changing can’t be that tricky can it? Don’t be fooled first time parents, it might be straight forward for a while but don’t bet on it staying that way until your little one can use the toilet on their own. Stage […]

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Family essentials

When you have a family your list of ‘essential’ items becomes much longer than it ever was before. There are lots of things you feel you should have in, just in case like Calpol, and a range of first aid stuff as well. Then there are the things you use daily like baby wipes and […]

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Potty training: part one

Potty training can be one of those things parents look forward to and dread in equal measure. Potty training signifies the onset of a greater independence and development in your child and a huge cost saving for you – no more nappies. However, it isn’t a quick process normally and getting through it can be […]

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