Role play with Brio

The children love role play. All four children in fact have always loved taking on new roles and getting into character. Anything from superhero costumes, to putting on their own show, to playing coffee shops with the play kitchen and food. These are probably the times that I enjoy watching the children play the most. […]

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Playroom makeover

playroom makeover

The playroom in our house takes a serious bashing. It is used and abused everyday by the children and it is a place to not only play, but to relax and learn as well. I decided recently that I needed a new system for organising the toys as it was driving me crackers. A better […]

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Win a Baby Annabell Brother Doll

Baby Annabel Brother

Would your little one like to take care of a Baby Annabell® brother? He is still very young, so he needs plenty of sleep: rock Baby Annabell® brother in your arms and you will really be able to see him close his little eyes and fall asleep! When he wakes up, it’s time for something to […]

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Kid-powered play

Kid-powered play is quite simply when your child does something to a toy, and that toy responds in some way. So for example, they press a button and a toy makes a noise or lights up. Interactive toys can make learning and play really interesting for children because they see a ‘reward’ for their efforts. […]

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Long-lasting toys

Toys that can be passed down, are well made, long lasting and have a wide appeal to different age ranges are my favourite toys of all. If like me, you have a few children you will also appreciate these sorts of toys no doubt. There are some great toys on the market and some really […]

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