Staying energised on the slopes

staying energised on the slopes

So you are off on your family skiing holiday…yay! Super excited to see that white stuff and clip your boots into your skis. Can you smell the mountain air yet? I’m sure I can from the moment I step onto the Eurostar. Thing is, just because you are off on holiday, it doesn’t mean the […]

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Ready, steady, run

Running is not for everyone. Those that do run are normally better at either sprinting or long distance running. The really annoying clever ones (like my daughter) are good at both. I  was never a sprinter at school. All my close friends were but I was the one who was always entered for the 800m […]

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Running aids

If you have been reading the blog recently you will have noticed some marathon-related articles. We’ve covered: The busy mummies guide to running a marathon The busy mummies guide to finishing a marathon Marathon recovery tips Now whilst I love setting myself the challenge of the next marathon, I enjoy the race and certainly the […]

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