Nurturing talent


As a parent it can be so exciting when you see your child developing a particular skill or an obvious talent. I’ve spoken to lots of parents over the years who I’d describe as your classic pushy parent, and in most cases the children have lost interest in whatever it was they showed real promise […]

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Footloose: The Musical


Dazzling dance, electrical music and youthful spirit has burst onto the Palace Theatre stage in Manchester this March, with an all-star, all-new production of the iconic musical Footloose, which is touring the UK. Based on the 1984 screen sensation, Footloose: The Musical tells the story of city boy Ren, who has to move to a rural backwater […]

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I’m a Tyrannosaurus

I'm a Tyrannosaurus

There’s no intended double meaning behind the title of this, although, if I was a dinosaur I’d probably like to be a T-Rex to avoid being eaten. It’s all gone a bit dinosaur crazy in our house over the last six months. The three boys love all things dinosaur and the little ones have become […]

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