Re-wire you wire with Playtex


Lingerie brand Playtex are one of those brands I associate with both comfort and quality. I’ve bought some lovely Playtex bras over the years, all under-wired as that has always been my preference. What if you could have a wireless bra that still creates support and lift? Would you give it a go? I’ve always gone for […]

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Car shopping as a woman

Shopping for a new car can be very stressful indeed. This can be made even worse if you are a woman. I admit to not really understanding much about how cars work or what bits are what but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion about what will work best for our family. When […]

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7 reasons why you should quit smoking for good

I have never smoked, never even picked up a cigarette. Smoking is something I feel very strongly about. Smoking killed all four of my grandparents, three of them had died by the time I was ten. Smoking, robbed me of my grandparents. I’m the person that will cross my entire family across the road to […]

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