From baby to toddler: how breastfeeding changes


After four babies, my breastfeeding journey ended rather abruptly following a bout of hand, foot and mouth. Across the four children I’ve roughly worked out that I have given around 10,000 breastfeeds over 10 years. Breastfeeding a baby is very different to breastfeeding a toddler though, so not all these breastfeeds followed the same pattern. Like […]

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Encouraging active play

Active play is important for so many reasons. Physical activity in babies, toddlers and preschoolers brings physical benefits such as increased muscle strength, coordination and bone density. Along with obvious exercise benefits, active play every day encourages children to make it part of their everyday norm from very early in life. In addition, these activities can […]

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Celebrating mothers


There is a job available and there are millions of vacancies for it all over the world – want to know more? It’s a hugely important job Your job title will be ‘Director of Operations’ but that doesn’t really do it justice Mobility is important, you will be constantly on your feet, bending over and […]

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Bubble Mania

bubble mainia

Lots of children love bubbles. Sometimes children go crazy for them, constantly trying to pop them and other times they have quite a hypnotising effect. Bubbles are great at parties, but you really need a bubble machine to avoid one of the adults having to constantly produce them. One bubble machine you could try is […]

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