Making ice cream

cherry ice cream

We love ice cream in our house, all year around, not just when the weather is warm. When we realised that ChillFactor make an Ice Cream Magic Tray that means the children can easily make their own ice cream we were quite excited. The Ice Cream Magic Tray creates ice cream in minutes (providing you […]

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Indulging the Peppa Pig obsession

peppa pig toys

If you are a regular reader of the blog you might have read my parental petition to increase the length of the Peppa Pig episodes. Follow the link to sign up! Peppa, George, Dinosaur…are three popular words in our house. After reading ‘Peppa goes skiing‘ over and over again, prior to our ski trip in February […]

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Win a Baby Annabell Brother Doll

Baby Annabel Brother

Would your little one like to take care of a Baby Annabell® brother? He is still very young, so he needs plenty of sleep: rock Baby Annabell® brother in your arms and you will really be able to see him close his little eyes and fall asleep! When he wakes up, it’s time for something to […]

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A bit of fairy magic

fairy door

You might have read a while back about all the new fairy that came to live with us. To re- cap she is called Lily after a very special little friend of ours and she lives behind a special fairy door in the kitchen. Did you know that you can invite a fairy to live […]

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Teletubbies teaser

We have a bit of a teaser to share with you today. On Christmas Eve we received a very special parcel from Character Options which we will be opening on the 11th of January. We have no idea what’s in the box, other than that the toys inside are from the brand new Teletubbies range. If […]

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