Taking the hassle out of your family holiday

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Are you planning a getaway with the kids for Easter or even thinking about your summer holiday plans? Are you flying with lots of luggage or at an unsociable time? Or do you just want to start and finish your holiday in the smoothest way possible?

If so you should consider booking a Meet and Greet Service with APH. We did this recently when we went away with the children and can really recommend the service.

The service is available at a range of locations across the UK and at a really competitive price – if you look at what airport parking might cost you, you will be surprised how cost effective this option is.

We pulled up in departures at Manchester airport, having telephoned APH to tell them we were almost there. We unloaded our bags, children, pushchair etc at the drop-off section and as we did the driver arrived to take the car away for parking. 

What a great service! No messing about, no lugging children and baggage on a bus, just what we needed – a VERY hassle-free start to the holiday.

On our return it was the same story, a quick phone call resulted in our car being dropped off for us outside the airport! The perfect scenario for tired travellers!

We cannot recommend this service enough and we won’t be using any other airport parking in the future as this was perfect for us! 

This method of parking also cuts travelling and wait times which is a huge asset with young children.

All in all a BRILLIANT service!

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