How technology is used to develop new skills

The way we learn is changing at a dramatic pace. Technology is playing a bigger role in how we obtain information and learn new skills. In many situations, new developments are replacing traditional ways of educating people. It’s as easy to learn something new through an online video like comptia pentest+ course as it is to sit in a classroom with a teacher, tutor or lecturer.

These are some of the ways technology is used to develop new skills.


Video is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with people online and offline. It’s the perfect format for producing high quality, engaging courses and information. You can learn at your own pace and play the same video over and over until you understand the content included within. This is not always possible in classroom situations because the person teaching a topic or skill may be explaining things too quickly.

Video is easy to share and distribute. Information about almost every topic imaginable is available on leading video sharing websites. More in depth training is also available from providers who charge a fee for access to their video content. Video formats are now compatible with all types of devices, including PC’s, laptops and mobile devices. This means education is spreading to an audience who would not have had access to this information in previous generations.

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps industry is huge. Millions of people install these applications on their smartphones. Education and skill-based apps are amongst the most popular apps available to smartphone users. These apps can be downloaded free or purchased from app stores or training-related websites. They are the perfect training solution for people who like to learn on the move and want a more flexible way to do this. My older children use an app to help them with their Welsh language skills and this is also used in school on tablets. Maths apps have also been really helpful in boosting their knowledge.


Test and Mock Test Websites

With millions of websites to choose from, anyone wanting to learn something new has a huge range of options available. Some website training is free, while premium content often has to be paid for. Many training and skills-based websites prepare visitors for tests or provide mock tests. Content on a website like is a good example of this where various mock theory tests are available for people who want to get a UK driving licence.

Game Based Training

Thanks to recent technology breakthroughs in the gaming industry, millions of gamers worldwide are able to play against each other and communicate with each other. Learning through games is also an effective way to learn new skills and obtain new information. Education-related companies are realising this and more are starting to use gaming technology and systems to produce high quality, interactive training solution for their students.

For many years, traditional methods of teaching and transferring knowledge from one person to another was not always effective. Different people learn at different speeds which has not always been catered for in the classroom. The latest technologies have changed this approach and more people are able to learn new skills and knowledge through the latest technologies.

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