That awful moment when…

No one said parenting and motherhood in particular was going to be glamorous. There are some very yummy mummies out there but let’s face it if you get to the end of the day without being covered in at least one of the following:

  • milk
  • sick
  • poo
  • wee
  • food
  • snot
  • dribble
  • pen
  • paint
  • chalk
  • glue

…then something is wrong.

Now, this applies both those at work and home and of course those that do both.

I don’t know how any mother of children under 12 makes it through the day without wearing at least one thing from the above list, most will be wearing at least three from the list at any one time in my experience!


As well as dealing with the above fashion accessories there are those awful moments when…

  • You happen to glance in the rear view mirror before stepping onto the school yard in the morning only to realise you only plucked one eyebrow…
  • You answer the door to get the post, sign for a parcel, baby in hand, marveling at your ability to multitask and realise a few minutes later you had one nipple hanging out as they had arrived as you were feeding…
  • You feel as if everyone at swimming lessons is looking at you in a funny way, only to be told by your 8 year old that you look like an old lady because you didn’t rub your dry shampoo in…
  • You arrive at the swimming pool, expertly get yourself and four children changed and marvel at the fact everyone has everything they need and then realise to your horror you only addressed HALF of your bikini line in the shower that morning…
  • You are getting changed for bed and realise you have been walking around ALL DAY covered in a suspicious looking mess that NOBODY told you about!

Oh …the utter shame of it all!

Why do these things happen? Well, it is really very simple…we are busy and we are constantly being distracted by other things.

It’s a very good job that I can laugh about this and these four little faces certainly make it all easier!

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